When you’re going overseas, don’t forget your passport…but equally don’t forget your compression socks.

Compression socks help prevent DVT (deep vein thrombosis or blood clot) by helping to keep the blood circulating. If you’re flying, try to walk around a bit, do some leg stretches or seat exercises, drink plenty of water and go easy on the alcohol. Medical-grade travel socks for men $69: https://revascular.co.nz/product/medi-travel-compression-stocking-for-men and for women $69: https://revascular.co.nz/product/medi-travel-compression-stocking-for-women/

How do you know if you’ve got DVT?
It’s not always obvious but if you’ve got pain or swelling, particularly behind your knee, or if you’ve had DVT before, it’s wise to get it checked. Call us on: 0800 45 45 88 or email: info@revascular.co.nz

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