Mediven and Venosan Compression Stockings

Our medical-grade compression stockings have graduated compression, which is the most effective for keeping blood flowing.

Compression starts at the ankle then reduces from the foot to the knee.

Free compression stocking fittings

We recommend wearing properly fitted compression stockings if you have:

  • tired legs
  • puffy legs
  • varicose veins
  • a history of DVT.

Book a free medical compression stocking fitting at one of our clinics – Auckland, Wellington, Lower Hutt, Masterton, Paraparaumu or Palmerston North.

What do compression stockings do?

Compression stockings help encourage blood flow from the legs to the heart and also help reduce swollen ankles. They are an important part of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prevention. They are also effective in improving some varicose vein symptoms, such as aching and throbbing.

A DVT is caused by a blood clot blocking a large vein deep inside the leg. It can be very dangerous it if breaks away and travels to your lungs.

Our compression stockings provide graduated pressure, which keeps the blood flowing out of your legs, rather than pooling.

If you sit or stand for ages…

Anyone can get a DVT who sits or is immobile for long periods, or in some cases, those who have varicose veins. Take regular exercise breaks when you’re travelling, whether that’s by air or in the car, do seat leg stretches and walk around every so often. Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water on your journey and, of course, wear your compression stockings.

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We offer a range of mediven compression stockings for men and women, as well as Venosan unisex stockings.

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