Pictured are Kay McDonald (Service Manager) and Richard Evans (Vascular Surgeon) with their Excellence in Innovation and Future Thinking in the Workplace Award at CCDHB’s Celebrating our success ceremony in Wellington.

Winners of the award are individuals or teams who have either:
• Demonstrated innovative thinking to implement quality improvements
• Published cutting-edge research
• Introduced original concepts, technology, sustainability, cost saving or environmentally friendly initiatives or practices.

Richard and Kay won the award for their introduction of telehealth clinics where outpatients are phoned or teleconferenced by the surgeon instead of needing to travel to their appointments. There is a high personal, social and environmental cost of travel for patients whose appointments may be as little as five minutes. The service anticipates ‘seeing’ between 100 and 120 patients a month via telehealth clinics. The dedicated zoom room for video conferencing and multidisciplinary meetings is the first of its type at a regional hospital in the country.

At REV Richard offers telehealth options, including Skype, Facebook or Phone appointments.

Congratulations Richard and Kay!