We know we harp on about this but we often hear people talk about how a relative or a friend had their ‘veins done’ and how traumatic it was because they were stripped out!

Varicose vein treatments have come so far you’d be surprised how quick and non-invasive it is these days. No big operation, no pulling the vein out. Eek! Actually, we mostly use medical glue, with minimal down time and not so much as a plaster!

You’ll walk in, have your treatment in a relaxed environment, have a quick cuppa after and then walk out again. For most people the most annoying thing is wearing compression stockings 24/7 for a couple of weeks (especially in hot weather)!

You don’t need to put up with those varicose veins. Book in for an appointment with our vascular surgeon to find out more – 0800 45 45 88 or contact us here.