When you think of glue and parts of the body you kind of hope the two never meet. But, think again, because Richard Evans is using glue to seal off varicose veins – that’s medical-grade ‘super glue’, not your hardware store variety.

Always open to new ways of doing things and for ways to make his patients more comfortable, Richard Evans is excited to introduce adhesive sealing to his practice.

What’s the difference between this and other varicose vein treatments?

“Just to be clear, we’re comparing modern laser treatment with adhesive sealing and not stripping varicose veins, because there’s no need to strip veins any more. With adhesive sealing the main difference is we don’t need to numb the leg all the way along the vein to then seal it off, so for some people this means less discomfort, and it’s equally as effective as laser treatment,” says Richard.

What happens?

Tiny, controlled amounts of medical-grade adhesive are sent into the vein via a thin tube, using a special dispenser gun. All the while progress is monitored onscreen using ultrasound. Once the adhesive is in place along the vein, light pressure on the leg seals it.

“It’s fairly new but simple and effective and already we’re seeing great results with it,” says Richard.

Once the glue is in place, and the vein sealed, any excess is absorbed by the body, in case you’re wondering.