Myth 1: You get varicose veins by crossing your legs

Fact: No, varicose veins are usually hereditary – making sure you sit uncrossed won’t make any difference.

Myth 2: Mine aren’t bad enough – I’ll just wait until they’re bigger

Fact: Like most things, the sooner you get on to it, the better. Leave your varicose veins and they may become more ropey, darker and, ultimately, harder to treat.

Myth 3: Mine don’t bother me

Fact: Is this because you can’t see them? They might not bother you yet but if you have aching, tired legs, it’s time to have them looked at.

Myth 4: I’ll need weeks off work

Fact: This may have been true ‘in the olden days’ but with laser treatment Richard Evans uses, procedures are same day – you’ll probably want a day or two off but any longer is unnecessary.

Myth 5: I won’t be able to travel for months

Fact: You can travel long haul one month after treatment.

Myth 6: Someone said you should wait until you’ve had children

Fact: No! See myth 2.

Myth 7: I’ll have to wear beige stockings for months

Fact: More like 10 days and we have different colours and patterns available.

Myth 8: It really hurts

Fact: No, it might have in the past but not with modern laser treatment. You might feel a little bruised but pain is easily managed with paracetamol or nurofen.