So, today I sat in on a varicose vein procedure using medical glue…

It took about 30 minutes for veins on both legs. All the while our patient was relaxed – not a squeak out of her.

A small, local anaesthetic injection is first and then an equally small incision is made. The surgeon feeds a fine tube into the vein. He sees exactly where he’s going on the ultrasound screen in front. Once at the end of the vein the nurse pumps a dispenser to squirt the first tiny amount of glue. The surgeon puts pressure on and gently pulls the tube out as he moves along the vein, with the nurse dispensing the glue.

Once the tube’s out, the nick of a wound is glued shut. No plaster, no bandage.

The patient walks out of the room with her compression stockings on that she’ll wear non-stop for two weeks. Walking is good – she’ll be able to do this sort of light exercise over the next day or so.

The surgeon sees her again in about a month and it will take about three months for the varicose veins to reduce.

Quick, effective, painless.

Mandy Bassett – Marketing Manager