Don’t worry, they don’t have to be stripped…


Although it may be obvious you have a varicose vein – it looks ropey or there’s a bulge in your leg – Richard Evans first does an ultrasound to see what’s happening with the vein.


Next, you’ll be booked in for laser treatment and a personalised treatment plan established.


A mild sedative gets you ready and relaxed. A fine fibre is passed through the main varicose vein to heat and seal it so blood can go to healthy veins. Next, some of the smaller veins are treated with sclerotherapy. Guided by ultrasound, a chemical is injected into the vein making the walls stick together and meaning those veins can’t fill with blood. All up treatment takes between 30 and 60 minutes.


After that you’re fitted with compression stockings – these help you heal – and after a short walk, you’ll be heading home again.


Getting your varicose veins treated is no longer a drawn out process – most procedures are same day and you’re back doing normal activities within a day or two.