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Penny (our client but not her real name) had decided to live with her varicose veins.

She knew they were hereditary because she remembered her mother having hers stripped about 20 years ago. But this was not for Penny…for one, she couldn’t afford weeks on the couch and as for those beige stockings she’d have to wear for months?…Besides, couldn’t she just put up with her aching legs? Plus, the nastiest veins were at the backs of her legs, who sees them? She could live with her veins, couldn’t she?

Here’s the thing.

Veins aren’t stripped here

We don’t strip veins at Richard Evans Vascular – we use modern laser treatments, which are non-invasive, quick and gentle and while we recommend having a couple of days off work, any longer isn’t necessary.

Stockings stay on for 10 days only

Beige stockings? Wearing compression stockings is essential once you’ve had laser treatment, too, but they come in lots of colours and it’s only 10 days that you need to keep them on for.

The earlier the better

The earlier you get your varicose veins treated, the better the outcome. If you leave them too long they may get more ropey, darker and, ultimately, harder to treat.